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Open APK File

In this article we will see what is an akp file extension format and how to open it.


What are APK Files

An APK file extension (Android Application Package) or file with the .apk extension contains an application for the Android operating system.

It is an acronym for Android Application Package Format. It is very similar to the executable we have in Windows (.exe or .msi) from which we install software.

This APK file format is basically a compression format similar to the ZIP. Inside it contains all the necessary data for an Android application to work.

In summary, this format contains, the installer for applications or games. With these files you can get applications outside of Google Play.


These allow us to open and install applications outside of Google Play. Thanks to these  we can get filtered apps. Also, versions of applications different from those offered by Google Play. Friend apps or open source applications that are not published in the Google Play Store.

So it means having things that only a few have. New and interesting Apps that would not otherwise be accessible.

google play to download apk files

How to Open APK Files and Download

To install and open APk files on our smartphone or tablet, we first have to download the files from the internet.

There are many sources to get an apk file with apps like APKMirror, for example where you can get some not available in Google Play.

But beware when installing paid apps. Because they may contain viruses, malware or be malicious applications.


Programs that open APK files on Windows

The following programs can open an apk file extension in Windows and Linux:

  • The Google Android SDK is the standard open software.
  • WinRAR 5
  • Genymotion : An android emulator for PC to launch and open apk files.
  • NoxPlayer Nox
  • File Viewer Plus
  • BlueStacks
  • Corel WinZip 23
  • 7-Zip


How to install an APK File

In order to install these files to open and view them we must first disable a security option. Android is configured by default so that only Google Play apps are installed.

  1. To activate the installation of applications with unknown origins we must enter Settings> Security and mark the option of Unknown origins.
  2. We will have a warning with the risks and we will have to accept to activate the option.
  3. Now we can search the files on our smartphone or if we have downloaded it from the download notification.
  4. Now you just have to select it and the application installer will launch automatically.
  5. Click on install and it will take a while to install depending on the size of the app.

A.P.K. is the file format in which apps and Android games are distributed. When we download an Android application from any website different from the Play Store. Either on the device itself or if we download them (or compile ourselves) on our computer.

This type of files also has a series of information included that gives us clues about the operation of the application or game. Information that, if we want to consult it from Windows before passing it to the phone, we can easily do so using a free tool called APK-info.


info android apk


How to view APK Files with APKInfo

It is a free application for Windows designed to allow us to see all the information included in any .APK of Android directly from Windows. This can be done without having to copy it to our device or use an Android emulator to see all this data.

The information that allows us to consult this program of the Android files is the name of the app or the game.

Also, the version and compilation, the name of the app package.

Moreover, the minimum and objective versions of the SDK, size and resolution of the screens for which it is optimized, the permissions that the application requires to work and if it has other additional features.

In addition, this application also allows us to automatically rename including the name and the version of the app or game. It is very useful to have it always at hand if we save it on our computer.

How it works

This application is completely free and open source.

  1. To download it, we simply access its official GitHub repository and download the latest version from there.
  2. The application does not need installation. So once downloaded, simply unzip it on the desktop and execute it.
  3. When executing the application we can see a window of the Windows Explorer from which we must look for the route where we have saved the ones that we want to analyze.
  4. We look for it in our computer and, when we select it, we will be able to see a new window, like the following one, where we will see all this data related to it.

This app does not offer us much more than what we already see, but it perfectly fulfills its mission: to allow us to consult the information of the files.

If we want, next to the program's own filenames we can find two Windows registry type that will allow us to add this application to the contextual menu, being able to analyze any one more quickly by simply clicking with the right button on it.

We remind you that, for security, it is always advisable to download the applications from the Play Store itself. This is since one of the main sources of malware distribution for Android are downloads from third-party stores that are not trusted.

The Play Store usually controls a little the apps that are published, being more difficult to infect from this store than from, for example, Aptoide or webs of apks download.


apk downloader


How to download APK files from playstore

Normally Android apps and files can be downloaded to our tablets and smartphones from the application of Google (Play Store), but it may happen that for one reason or another we want to ask the installer.

For example, to have a backup of all our apps to avoid having to download the application again in case of formatting the mobile.


In order to download we will need:

  1. To Have Chrome (or Chromium) browser installed.
  2. To Install a plugin in the browser.
  3. Get the DeviceID of our android.

The plugin  can be downloaded from the author's website. We will download it with format .crx which we must drag on the window of extensions of the browser so that it is installed.


Once installed it will appear in the list of browser formats.


We must click on "configuration" to access the configuration. Here we must enter our email address, our password and the ID of our device.

To obtain the ID of our device we must install the DeviceID application available in the Play Store and write it in the plugin.

Once the data has been entered, we will click on Login to activate it with our configuration. After this, we will have it running.

To test it we access the Play Store on any application and we should see an icon in the address bar to download it. We click on it and the download will begin.

The developer has disabled it for payment applications. It is not aimed at piracy actions. It also warns us to use it at our own risk since it violates the term of license 3.3 and you never know how Google can respond.

We must also think that we are providing some sensitive data to an application of unknown origin. Although the developer tells us that it does not store any data, we do not have access to the source code to see that it is true. You have to be careful when using this type of applications.

Surely more than once you have encountered the problem that your new smartphone or tablet seems not compatible with Google Play and you have been unable to install from there the application that interested you or that you had recommended.

Obviously we are not going to attribute a merit that does not correspond to us, so we are obliged to praise the work done by the developers of APKDownloader. Which will allow us to download directly on our computer to install them on our device or store them to be able to install them in the future without having to access Google Play.


How to download an Apk file from Google Play directly


Simple operation to get free applications from Google Play

The operation of APKDownloader is really simple. Although we must emphasize that it only works with those applications that are free.

In order to get the .apk of the app that we want to get, we will only have to write in the corresponding window the name of the application package - which in the URL of Google Play is what we will find behind? Id = - or the complete link to the page of said app in the online store of the American giant.

After doing so, we just have to click on "Generate download link" . Then on "Click here to download ..." to obtain our precious booty. Now it's time to remind you once again how to quickly install the applications on your smartphone or tablet, starting only from it.

Once we have downloaded it to our computer, all we have to do is send it by email, as an attachment, to the address that we have configured on our device.

Once received on the tablet or mobile phone, we will only have to execute that app that we have previously attached and start the installation normally.

You can also Download your favorite applications with this program.


Android Package format file

Android Package is a compendium of formats exercised by the Android operating system which ameliorate the task of distribution and installation of applications available on mobile phones and middleware devices. This is exclusively offered by Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

A variety of applications which are meant to be installed on mobile phones are available on Google Play. However, this installation is an automated service.

The android packages downloaded from additional sources other than the Google Play Store are supposed to be downloaded and installed manually provided, permission of allowance through other sources on your mobile phone (can be accessed and optimized in the ‘Setting' section of your device).

On an average count, very limited amount of users will open this kind because of quite a few reasons.

  1. The Android software handles app installation in the background by means of Google Play
  2. Ease of installation and accessibility
  3. Low scale complications

Conversely, there subsist a portion of sites that propound their users with a direct link.  It becomes a necessity for those users to install anti-virus as these extensions have a high probable chance to act as mediators of malware.

Installation through it can take a few steps which will be tagged along within the run of this article. First, one has to make sure that website through which this is being downloaded is trustworthy. If not, it is better to avoid that line between your current phone and a new one.  


Steps to download:

  1. Open Settings by clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon
  2. Tap ‘Security' which will lead you to ‘Android Security Screen.'
  3. Click on the checkbox that says, ‘Unknown Sources’  
  4. ‘Read the terms carefully.’ They implicate allowance of installation of applications which are downloaded from unknown sources.
  5. Once you’ve clicked ‘OK’ to have a check on the installation process, it’s about time to download it and install it manually.



The APk files could be downloaded from websites or links which also happen to be saved as email attachments. If it happens to be an email attachment, simply click on the file which is attached to the respective email.

If the it is downloaded, open your ‘Downloads’ option and click on the downloaded one to install it. Once the application is installed manually, the display is intended to show the same.



It contain a lot of in-built stores for an accounting of data structures of the related program. Most protuberant ones of that domain are enlisted as follows:


Consists of established and signatures along with the list of resources in the archive

  • lib/

Innate libraries that comprise with the run of explicit device edifice

  • res/

Stores images and resources that failed during the compilation of data into resources.arsc.

  • AndroidManifest.xm

Depicts the name, version, and contents of downloaded app

  • classes .dex

Java classes obliged to run on the device as.DEX 

  • resources.arsc

Stocks compiled resources like strings to be used under.ARSC f



A.P.K. is a full version of downloadable applications through internet websites which evidently are saved and compressed in the form of .zip format.

This particular category of format can be unbolted using any zip decompression tool. In case the user wants to access this type of filename, he/she can simply follow the given procedures:

  1. Rename the downloaded to ‘.zip.'
  2. Open the renamed file.

Alternative: One can also open it directly via an open dialog box of Zip's application.


How to create APK files

  1. Make sure having a code prepared for Google Play Store
  2. In Android Studio’s main menu, decide on ‘Build Generate signed
  3. Click on ‘Next’ followed with ‘Create New’ button
  4. Opt a name and location for your store. Dialog box’s key store path field has to be entered with a full name of the path
  5. Fill in the Password details and confirm it accordingly
  6. Type a desired name in the ‘Alias’ section
  7. The validity period of 25 years needs an acceptance for further procession
  8. Comply with it
  9. One of those six given fields is to be filled out with precision
  10. Click on ‘OK’
  11. Click on ‘Next’
  12. Continue by clicking on ‘Finish.'

That puts the last touch on the process of generating itn for ease of customer reach or any reason existing. Now we have the APK ready as a file.


ABOUT .APK format

The goal with which this initiative was designed, was to make people’s brains comprehend and line well along with the information of what *.apk suffixes are. While renaming the downloaded application, it is necessary to know the difference between renaming and converting.

Conversion to .zip takes place only due to one reason of these already using ZIP format. Precisely, just an appendance to a different extensivity.

Conversion to IPA for the use of the application on devices confining with iOS software is not possible. Nor is the conversion to .exe  for compatibility with software entrusted by Windows.

Additionally, in order to access the it in an EXE compatible device, installing a Windows opener and then using it to open the Android application on your computer is a, in fact, THE correct decision to compel with. Conversion to BAR format is however possible. A.P.K to Android is as BAR to Blackberry.

All that has to be done to seal the process is to upload the downloaded or created  to Good e-reader online to BAR converter. Having yourself patient until this converter gets its job initiated, executed and concluded is all at the most that is required. Hence, download the BAR back to your computer.


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